We're happy to announce our first Ivy Hill Entertainment Roadshow of the year. From April 3rd-11th (during the French Quarter Festival), a group of 10 artists from our family will be headed to The Big Easy to learn from the beauty of NOLA, to immerse ourselves in the culture, meet folks, create inroads, and hopefully play a ton of music. One of Ivy Hill’s founders, Brian, wrote a little more about the inspirations that led to this first Roadshow stop in this blog post.

Our artists have experience in jazz, soul, folk, R+B, Americana, top 40, indie rock, and are available to share bills, hop on sets, and just take it all in.


Ivy Hill founder Brian Bergeron is also a guitarist, singer and band leader. He specializes in folk, alternative, pop and rock.

Erin Honeywell is an award-winning vocalist and songwriter who has entertained crowds all over the world with her rich and soulful sound. Having performed with Soul and Blues legends Freddie Hughes and Maria Muldaur, It's a Beautiful Day and Journey's Jonathan Cain. 

Comprised of Luis Salcedo, Marshall Williams and Matt Roads, LUCERO combines elements of jazz and folk music to create a bridge between the world of improvisation, group interplay, exploration, and the profound imagery and melodies that can define a time and place, a movement, a feeling.

Marshall Williams is a trained jazz drummer, featured in Ivy Hill’s Lucero and The Delectables. He has performed internationally at prestigious jazz festivals including Montreux Jazz Festival and North Sea Jazz Festival in addition to playing professionally in the SF Bay Area for over a decade.

Harvest Acoustic performs folk/bluegrass-tinged versions of popular music. Comprised of IHE co-founders Brian Bergeron and Matt Roads, they cover a wide array of pop, rock, folk, classic rock, americana, and Top 40.

Lilan Kane captures the soul of Aretha, the charm of Ella, and the sassiness of Etta. Her soulful compositions tell stories of love, loss, and self-discovery. She is a soulful artist who is not afraid to be raw, real, and vulnerable on and off stage. 

With a firm grasp on the Jazz Idiom, Luis Salcedo is a featured member of several ensembles, as well as the leader of his own groups, covering original material, jazz repertoire and beyond.

Tim Marconett is a professional singer and guitarist who has travelled the world honing his craft and playing with greats like Steve Sage (The Drifters), Bobby Vega (KVHW), Mic Gillette (Tower of Power), Narada Michael Walden (Jeff Beck) and Jorge Santana.

The Delectables are Ivy Hill’s premiere jazz ensemble. This group features some of the best and brightest jazz musicians in the SF bay including Luis Salcedo on guitar, Marshall Williams on drums, and Matt Roads on bass. The Delectables work with the talented Tim Marconett and Erin Honeywell to perform a wide range of styles.

Ivy Hill founder Matt Roads is a bassist, guitarist and band leader. With a strong love and background in jazz, funk, and blues, Matt has enjoyed touring nationally and internationally with David BinneyArt LandeTim ArmacostMr. KindLoudtalkersRivvrsFantastic Negrito and many more.

I’m excited to go [To New Orleans] for my first time because I hear that it’s like going to another county. The city feels older and more historic than most other places in the US and the culture places more value on being out and about: listening to live music- seeing friends- enjoying life.
— Lu Salcedo : Lucero - The Delectables
I’m excited to go to New Orleans because of its history as one of the birthplaces of jazz. And to my understanding, the culture is one that really values music and the arts.
— Marshall Williams : Lucero