Hi Bethany,

Behold, our long overdue pitch for Rush Creek Lodge this coming fall and winter. The response we received from our artist base was fantastic. We hope you enjoy the Tim Marconett Trio this weekend and see below as a sign of what we can do for you in the future.

This is only a fraction of what was submitted to us but it shows the range that we can offer, that with a little bit of guidance, we can craft the type of experience you all are looking for.

recommended acts

harvest acoustic trio

One of Ivy Hill Entertainment's most popular acts, performing classic popular music in a folk/bluegrass style. The band features IHE co-founders Brian Bergeron, Matt Roads, and a rotating group of violinists, singers, and percussionists.

The delectables

Led by IHE co-founder Matt Roads (I swear he's not in every band), The Delectables is our house jazz group, available with and without a singer, uptempo or laid back, the perfect band for just about anything.

Jeremy lyon trio

Lead singer of Tumbleweed Wanderersa San Francisco mainstay over the last few years.

the rainbow girls

A recent roster add, a beautiful 4-piece band of masterful arrangement and vocal harmonies.

taylor brown and company

Troubadour-style songwriter.

justin seagrave

Earnest singer-songwriter duo, paired with upright bass.

tapper dan

Looking for an old-timey bluegrass band that also has a tap dancer...who can also shred guitar? Well, here they are. Will be updating this more shortly.