Since our inception, Ivy Hill Entertainment has focused our mission on supporting an economy where artists can be paid a fair wage for sharing their craft with the community. This has largely happened within the private events sphere -- weddings, corporate events, and other social gatherings -- where our artists can provide a service to our patrons, to provide atmosphere and energy to intimate and pivotal events. For our music-oriented focus thus far, this has manifested itself in our folks amassing a considerable, shared popular music repertoire, a.k.a. "the hits." This service is noble and important, allowing artistic development, human connection, and community creation.

Meanwhile, the artists we have the good fortune to work with are ambitious and innovative artists themselves so we have tried to find opportunities to support our artists' works. 

We now have the good fortune to announce that we've moved in to a shared office, rehearsal, and intimate event space in Berkeley, California. The new IHE HQ has become the operations outpost for our mission, and allows us to pivot into being able to provide additional opportunities for our creative development.

For this reason, we is proud to present The Weekly, an intimate, innovative, and revolving event series, which will take place every Thursday at IHE HQ.

The Weekly intends to be a space of expression for our artistic community to bring their gifts and not worry about selling a ton of tickets, having a half baked idea, or a lack of communal resources to pull it off. The Weekly is a space where past patrons of ours can also gather and stay connected to artists who have been a part of major life events, and a place where interested potential patrons can get to know the artists who they may be interested in working with.

We hope you can join us sometime.

Ivy Hill Entertainment

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