We are changing!

Ivy Hill is changing the way we approach Artist Development. 

We've decided to dive a little deeper into the world of artist development and what that could look like for Ivy Hill.

Ivy Hill is rooted in creating a lively and supportive community, to encourage artists using their art to support themselves. We want to move towards putting the "whole artist" forward. So many artists keep their private and original music careers separate, but there is a value in some overlap. We want patrons to see that when they hire a musician for a wedding, they are in turn helping fund this musician's livelihood. When they choose to hire an artist at Ivy Hill, they are becoming a part of our community and directly supporting the artists in that community. We think this frame of mind is important and valuable to Ivy Hill as an organization as well as the broader arts community, and that's why we're sharing it with all of you. 

Our first step towards this new artist development model is sitting down with each of our artists, to talk about their lives, the projects they're working on and what kind of support would be most valuable to them. We want to see where we should expand and mold to meet the needs of artists before we make any concrete changes. 

So do not hesitate to reach out to us, and let us know how Ivy Hill can cultivate the kind of community you want to be a part of.