how to build a custom wedding music program

An Ivy Hill representative will work with you to create an ideal musical program that takes into account your personal and musical preferences, budget, and venue considerations. Here's how:

1. Select the size of your reception band.

  • Reception bands normally perform 3 45-minute sets with breaks during the dance reception portion of your program. We provide a complimentary DJ service during breaks to make sure the dancing doesn't stop.
  • All bands also include a day-of audio engineer to supply proper equipment in all locations and to make sure that transitions move smoothly and that the artists can focus on performing!

2. Choose your band leader(s)

Each band leader has their own song list and styles. Make sure to visit their profiles to find the artist that is right for you!

  • 5-piece bands normally have one band leader/singer.
  • 7-piece to 9-piece bands normally have two or more band leaders
    • We recommend choosing one male and one female singer for larger bands to have access to the largest repertoire possible.

Available bandleaders

3. Choose Your Ceremony + Cocktail Hour Groups

4. Choose Dinner Music - We normally recommend not having live music during your dinner so that your guests can converse, relax, and your band leader can MC any announcements and toasts that need to be made. We offer complimentary basic DJ'ing service during this time. However, we can also put together additional dinner music sets with smaller groups.

5. Choose the repertoire

  • Reception - Each bandleader knows the standard wedding fare, which can be supplemented by the bandleader's personal repertoire.
  • Each bandleader and group (Harvest Acoustic, The New Classics, Synchronicity Strings, etc.) has their own band repertoire.
  • Our artists will also learn some requests not listed on the repertoire.
  • We ask people to pick a list of songs that they want to hear (as well as songs that they don't want to hear) as well as let us know the atmosphere they want to create and the demographics that make up your attendees. From there, we'll use our expertise to fill out the rest!

6. Relax

  • We will check-in periodically to make sure that your song requests are in on time and that we have all the details that we need (toasts, special announcements, dances) to succeed!

what else does a package include?


Wireless ceremony and toast microphones included with all Musician/DJ and Build a Band complete packages.*

*Day-of audio technician included on most packages to ensure smooth transitions.


We make a point to visit locations in advance of your big day to make sure there are no surprises.


In addition to your artist, we'll make sure someone from the IHE team is help curate your musical program and help communicate it to your artist. We also will reach out to the venue and any event planners to make sure that all the proper details have been communicated.


When you support our community, we welcome you into ours.


...and all the fixings. We make sure that we have everything we need to make sure your rentals aren't out of control.