Photo by  Clara Rice

Photo by Clara Rice

We've finally shaken off the dust from the holidays (but boy, wasn't it nice?) over here at Ivy Hill Entertainment and the booking season for 2016 has already heated up. The momentum that we built up over 2015 (including the extension of our family down to Los Angeles) has led to a noticeable uptick on the amount of folks visiting our site. To the uninitiated, we'd like to extend the courtesy of welcoming you as well as catching you up on some of the big highlights of 2015 and to give you a picture of what is to come this year.

First, what are we all about? We're an artist-run event productions and talent agency, booking artists for events and celebrations especially weddings, wineries, and corporate events. Our strength thus far has been a diverse and talented musician roster but our recent expansion to include other creative event professionals means that we can help find the perfect photographer, videographer, and planner for your event.

The most important thing to us is helping to create a track for artists to craft a sustainable and professional living. Everything that we do supports that goal. We believe in collaboration and strength in numbers rather than scarcity and competition. We also believe in our art as a service, which is why we excel in the private events industry. Our customer service experience, gained over our years working in this particular industry is top notch. Folks who have worked with us (and there are many) have experienced this first hand. We are the connectors between great artistic talent and patrons who value art and see its essentialness to their event experiences and we hope to use this connection to create a conversation about appropriately valuing art.

In one short year we've done some work that we're incredibly proud of, including:

...and for 2016? We're doubling down on all fronts and are getting ready to announce some new artist additions that we are pretty thrilled about.

We'd love for you to be a part of this. If you're looking for music or a creative professional for your event, please get in touch and let us know what you're looking for. To all of our artists, prior patrons, and current partners, we are so grateful to be given the opportunity to work with you all. 

- Brian