This week, we sit down and chat with Kendra McKinely about her recent tour and her inspirations and connection to music. Here is a short interview we did with Kendra:

Can you tell me about the tour you recently came back from?
“I did a West Coast tour with my four piece band from San Luis Obispo to Seattle. It was an eight-night tour and this was the biggest tour I’ve ever done. We played all of our original music as well as a handful of covers. I really enjoyed the tour lifestyle, being in different cities everyday and being able to refine the live show on a day-to-day basis. It was a blissful experience. “

What are some of your inspirations behind your original music?
“All my original music is based off experiences I’ve had. Each song is an exercise in capturing those experiences.”

Can you tell me about your inspirations and visions behind your music videos?
“My music videos have been collaborative. My songs are very personal to me so I see it in one light. I have elements I wanted featured and the directors/producers I collaborated with had a different angle so they can bring and make the visuals more impactful."

How has living in the Bay Area shaped you as an artist?
"I'm originally from Santa Cruz and I've lived in the Bay for years now. Being exposed to different kinds of people and bands was influential. I live with my brother who inspired me to pick up the electric guitar and to have an electric style band."

Do you have any side jobs other than being an artist?
“I do a handful of different musical jobs. I teach a rock band at a junior high school and I also do private sessions with musicians."

Any future projects you are working on?
“I’m working on new material. Once the songs are animated by the full band, I’m hoping it will have a new vibe.”

Lastly, what was the last song you listened to?
"Insect Eyes by Devendra Banhart."

Needless to say, we are excited to see what Kendra comes out with next. 

Catch Kendra @ The House Show Show on 2.16.17, as a part of Ivy Hill's new weekly event series.