Hey Ya Music Video

The song "Hey Ya" by Outkast is perfect, everyone knows this.

Last year, during some downtime at the Napa Valley Film Festival, a group of musicians that for the most part had never met or collaborated created their own "Hey Ya" music video in the master bathroom of our host's house, late at night, while she was sleeping in the adjacent room (thanks for your patience, Patti!)

View the video below and share the link.

Who's in the music video?

Brent Walsh (Vocals & Guitar) - of I The Mighty

Tapper Dan (Vocals & Tap Dance) - aka Jon Devoto of The Matches

Justin Houchin (Guitar)

Jack Cimo (Guitar)

Max Zemanovic (Drums)

Schuyler Karr (bass)

Video by John Turner and Turned Productions

Cameo and Photo by Clara Rice

Thanks to our friends at the Napa Valley Film Festival!