ivy hill is headed to new orleans!

Brian here -- A few years ago, during a period of disillusionment due to the high cost of living in the Bay Area, I took a lifelong overdue trip through the South. The intention was to visit three historically musical destinations -- New Orleans, Memphis, and Nashville -- to explore the possibility of making a new home for myself. As a songwriter, I always assumed at some point I would live in Nashville, but it was New Orleans that immediately stole my heart.

Never had I visited an American city that felt so foreign and unique. The food was unforgettable -- Southern comfort food and barbecue signaled the swan song of 6 years of vegetarianism. Music was embedded in the culture in a way that I hadn't seen before. While the amalgamation of styles that makes up New Orleans captivating and soul stirring, the workmanlike atmosphere equally stuck out to me. It seemed like everyone knew everyone else, that there was a sense of a true communal experience between audience and artist, and that it was possible to see the same person play in 3 different clubs in the same night.

Despite falling in love with NOLA, I opted not to move there after that trip, instead falling in love with a gal who was living in Nashville who moved my way and talked me into staying put in Oakland, but I've been to NOLA twice since then and will take every opportunity to visit.

As Ivy Hill Entertainment has grown over the last couple of years, we've carved out a nice little niche for ourselves in the Bay Area music scene, finding steady work for a growing list of artists. With this stable home base, much of our focus this year is to find points of connection with other geographic areas, to learn from other musical and artistic communities, and to expand the conversation of how to create sustainable economies for artists, all crucial elements of our organizational mission.

With this, we're happy to announce our first Ivy Hill Entertainment Roadshow of the year. From April 3rd-11th (during the French Quarter Festival), a group of 10 artists from our family will be headed to The Big Easy to learn from the beauty of NOLA, to immerse ourselves in the culture, meet folks, create inroads, and hopefully play a ton of music.

Our artists have experience in jazzsoul, folkR+B, americana, top 40, indie rock, and are available to share bills, hop on sets, and just take it all in.

With this, we're reaching out to our own musical connections and friends in the area but we welcome any support, suggestions, or restaurant recommendations

Please send us an email or check out our pitch page if you have any suggestions or anything to share.

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