This week, we sit down with Lumama to chat about their upcoming album, being part of the San Francisco Bay jazz community, and the origins of the group.

Lumama is: Luis Salcedo on guitar, Matt Roads on bass and Marshall Williams on drums. The members also make up the core of Ivy Hill Entertainment's own The Delectables. 

Like many professional musicians, the members of Lumama play in a multitude of groups. To make ends meet, all three members navigate busy teaching and gig schedules. From their first gig together at the California Jazz Conservatory (then known simply as The Jazz School), an instant connection was felt between the band members. 

They describe their music as Bay Area jazz, as there are nuances created by the different musical communities across the States and the world. Bassist Matt Roads defined Bay Area jazz as being relaxed and thoughtful, matching the people and vibe of the West Coast. The band spoke about the Bay Area’s acclaim for garage rock, but detailed a supportive and thriving jazz community. The Bay Area’s music and jazz communities have helped Lumama develop a unique musical sensitivity

Lumama is currently gearing up to record their first album together, composed of songs written by Lu. The goodwill fostered by the band's comfortable dynamic relationships allowed Lu to dig into a confessional-style of songwriting. The inspiration was drawn from Lu reflecting on his emotional state, and he "made [himself] write all the songs with lyrics to make them sound more human and lyrical even though [they] perform them as instrumentals". This technique lets the listener feel where the lyrics could rest but gives the listener more space to imprint their own meanings and feelings on the songs.

Lumama plans on releasing their first full length album this year. 

Lumama will be joining us as part of our Ivy Hill Entertainment Roadshow: New Orleans.

The members of Lumama also perform in a number of bands: The Delectables, Tim Marconett, Mr. KindHarvest Acoustic, and Opaluna in addition to Marshall and Matt being seasoned DJs.


“What was the last thing you listened to?”

In a bit of a cop out, the band apparently all last listened to Days of Wine and Roses.