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Upcoming: Tom Rhodes at VML Winery!

When you strip away the fluff of pop, throw out the country flair, remove the cynicism of alternative, and turn up the beauty of americana, you begin to have an idea of where Tom’s music falls. Tom Rhodes plays real, honest music that dives down to the heart of the matter and holds you there until you realize it’s where we all belong.

Come catch Tom this Sunday at VML Winery. $10 tastings, free music.

Upcoming: Brian Bergeron at VML Winery!

Artist - and Ivy Hill Entertainment founder - Brian Bergeron has a repertoire of over 200 songs, from covers to original material. What do you hope to hear him play this Sunday at VML Winery? Tweet to us at @ivyhillent or find us on Facebook!

Come join Brian this beautiful Sunday for free music and $10 wine tastings. It's the perfect time and space to enjoy the last warm days of summer, bring a lunch and soak in the music for an hour or two.