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Groom surprises Bride with help from Ivy Hill!

Happy Valentines Day! It's a time for love and to be given the opportunity to provide music at events that celebrate that is a great honor for us. We wouldn't do it otherwise! We are given a front row seat to a most intimate experience -- the celebration of love between two people. What's even better is that through music, a fundamental element of our human experience, we believe that we get to strengthen and complement the bonds between the couple and their loved ones. That is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Even better still is when you get to share in the experience of co-creation with the couple that you are serving. This happened last May, when the Brian Bergeron Trio (along with drummer Peter Smith) got to 'share the stage' with one of our grooms who surprised his young bride at their wedding by learning and singing a song. We had been in on the plan for months, exchanging demos and advising on arrangement as he took singing lessons...and it went off without a hitch! Check out the video below and we think you'll agree.

We'd like to thank Aaron Lee Films for capturing this special moment. We wish you all a very happy, and very loving, Valentines Day.

- Brian