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Announcing: Wednesdays at Charlie's Grill in Windsor

I was gearing up to write a blog post announcing our new run of dates with Charlie's Grill at Windsor and while trying to find the write verbiage, I discovered that Zen had already done it for me on a past blog post..."The Music Series: Why Is It Important?" Take it, Zen:

"At Ivy Hill Entertainment one of the tent poles of everything we do is the belief that musicians deserve to earn a fair income. Private Events are a big part of that but residencies and music series' play a crucial role as well. Through our partnerships with restaurants and wineries, these weekly or monthly gigs serve as an opportunity to roll out original material and represent regular income for our artists and just a little bit of stability - a rare commodity in an industry of freelance! Our hope is to build many more of these kinds of series over the next year in an effort to better support our artists." that end, we're excited to announce our Wednesday evening music series at Charlie's in Windsor this summer.

Dates below!:

May 18th - Ben Flanangan
June 15th - Peter Smith
June 29th - JD Lyon
July 13th - Peter Smith
August 10th - Brian Bergeron
August 24th - JD Lyon

Every event is free and open to the public.

Charlie's Restaurant - 5:30pm-8:30pm
1320 19th Hole Dr, Windsor, CA 95492