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The Music Series: Why is it important?

At Ivy Hill Entertainment one of the tent poles of everything we do is the belief that musicians deserve to earn a fair income. Private Events are a big part of that but residencies and music series' play a crucial role as well. Through our partnerships with restaurants and wineries, these weekly or monthly gigs serve as an opportunity to roll out original material and represent regular income for our artists and just a little bit of stability - a rare commodity in an industry of freelance! Our hope is to build many more of these kinds of series over the next year in an effort to better support our artists.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce our partnership with The Grillhouse in Redwood City, CA continues as part of their Saturday Music Series this spring! Music is free from 6pm - 9pm every Saturday and features top local talent including many Ivy Hill Entertainment artists. Dates below. We'll see you there!

4/2/2016 - Jefferson Bergey

4/16/2016 - Tom Rhodes

4/23/2016 - Jeremy 'JD' Lyon

5/7/2016 - Tom Rhodes

5/14/2016 - Ben Flanagan

5/21/2016 - Zen Zenith

6/4/2016 - Tom Rhodes

6/18/2016Jefferson Bergey

March 8th Showcase Schedule

We are happy to announce the final performance schedule for the Ivy Hill Entertainment Artist Showcase on March 8th at PianoFight in San Francisco!

Doors at 6:30pm

Cocktail Hour*
7:00pm | The New Classics
7:25pm | The Ivy Hill Jazz Band

*Come join us for Cocktail Hour from 7pm - 8pm for a chance to chat and schmooze with our artists and Ivy Hill Entertainment founders before the Main Stage performances begin!

The Bar Stage
7:50pm | Zen Zenith
8:05pm | JD Lyon
8:25pm | Debbie Ilana
8:45pm | Kyle O'Brien
9:05pm | The Denalis

The Main Stage
8:15pm | Peter Smith
8:35pm | Ben Flanagan
8:50pm | Jonathan Devoto
9:00pm | Erin Honeywell
9:10pm | Roem Baur
9:25pm | The Ivy Hill House Band

DJ Dance Party
9:35pm | DJ Marshall

For more information on our free-to-the-public Artist Showcase go here or check out the event on Facebook.

Now booking in Los Angeles!

Oakland, CA based Ivy Hill Entertainment is proud to announce that we are now booking in Los Angeles, CA.

Now featuring many of Los Angeles' finest professional touring musicians, the Ivy Hill Entertainment House Band, can be custom tailored to fit any event, any style, any size. Whether you're looking for an acoustic trio for your Cocktail Hour, a rock quartet for your Corporate Event or a full 8-piece dance band for your Wedding Reception, we can create the perfect band for you.

See a favorite Bay Area Musician you'd like to hire for your event in Los Angeles? Many of the Bay Area musicians on our roster can travel to your event in Los Angeles, and vice-versa!

DJ's, Solo Musicians, and Pro Audio services also available.

Check out the Ivy Hill Entertainment House Band in action - featuring our Los Angeles House Band Players, led by Ivy Hill Entertainment co-founder Zen Zenith - below:

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Have Fun and Make Great Music

As someone who is currently both in charge of Ivy Hill Entertainments Social Media efforts and thinking forward to releasing his own music in 2016, social media marketing has been on my mind a lot lately.

In working with my band Please Do Not Fight, I went through a long phase where I did what I think a lot of musicians do: I spent a ton of time doing the internet grind, trying to market my band, when I could have been sinking that time and energy into generating great content. There's going to be a time in your career where it's really important to do a big internet push, but it's important not to focus on it too early. What's the point of pushing your stuff out there before it's any good?

Generating great content and making great music should always be the priority. It's fun for you and it gives you something to genuinely talk about with the people of internet land. After all, that's why you're in this to begin with! You can get pretty far with a ton of likes and retweets, but it's the artists that do really great work that stick around.

That being said, no one will know you're doing really great work unless you tell them about it. I'm very fortunate in that I enjoy being on social media whether I have a thing to promote or not. This is key: Make your relationship with social media fun. If you don't personally get something out of creating music, you will create bad music. Likewise, if you aren't finding something enjoyable in your social media experience, you will have a hard time feeling like it's not just an obligation and the people reading will know. Find your niche - whether it's long blog posts on Tumblr, Haiku's on Twitter or photography on Instagram. Discover a way to social media that you're going to enjoy and remember, it's better to focus on one social media channel and kill it than to spread yourself too thing by trying to post on everything.

Oh also, make sure you have a website. It's 2015. You have no excuse anymore!

This rant was inspired by a little blog out south called Middle Tennessee Music that I recommend you check out here.

Have fun out there!