2765 Newport Rd. Alameda CA

Alameda. You know, that one city you hear people mention in passing but haven’t actually been there yourself? Yup, it’s the closest thing you’ll get to island life living here in the Bay Area and we couldn’t think of a better place to hold these shows than right here on the Island at good ol’ Chateau Newport.


Who doesn’t live watching great live music with your friends? We certainly do and we’re looking to do it on a regularly basis with you all, monthly to be exact. It’s a great way for us to all together and share some great times (and delicious beer) while listening to some of our favorite (and soon to be!) favorite artists. Hey! And they’re free to attend. Admission at the door is $00.00 – not bad, eh?


The boys over at Something Else Productions and Ivy Hill Entertainment are looking to join forces with all you talented people out there. And with the help of all of friends out there we’ll be able to keep this boat a rockin’ for quite some time!