• Piano Fight (map)
  • 144 Taylor Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94102
  • United States

Join Balanced Breakfast for a day of speakers and musical community. All 4 of Ivy Hill Entertainment's co-founders will be on panels throughout the day. Facebook Event. Tickets are available through Facebook.

11:00 AM • Front Cabaret Stage
Yoga, Dance, Excercise - Preparing For Show
Eve Fleishman (moderator) - Yoga Instructor & Musician
Jonathan Devoto - Dancer, Health Coach & Musician
Loryn Barbeau - Holistic Vocal and Performance Coach
Barb Blank - Yoga Instructor & Musician

11:00 AM • Small Theater
Marketing and Social Media
Paige Clem (mod) - Marketing Director for High Sierra Music
Mindi Levine - DJ at 99.3 The Vine & Music Marketer
M Florentino Buenaventura - CEO at EnterTalk Radio
Kat Ellis - Radio Talk Show Host
Barbara Leung -

11:00 AM • Big Theater
Revival of Vinyl
Joe Markert (moderator)- CEO/CTO
Zane Howard - Cofounder of Second Line Vinyl
Piper Payne - Mastering Engineer
Ben Givarz - Artist Relations Mgr

12:00 PM • Front Cabaret Stage
How to Use Social Media Better
Isabelle Garson (moderator) - CCO at Second Octave Media
Michael Brandvold - CEO Michael Brandvold Marketing
Bryce David Dow-Williamson - CEO at Second Octave Media
David A Sikorski - Senior Editor at EARMILK
Bob Duskis - President & Co-Founder of Six Degrees Records

12:00 PM • Small Theater
Music & Tech
Peter B. Jacobsen (mod) - Studio Manager at Music City SF
Patti Silverman - Advisor & Consultant
Todd Tate - Co-founder of Musical Turk
Aliza Hava - Founder of Musician's BASS
Cory Zechmann - Project Manager at TuneIn

12:00 PM • Large Theater
Got Gigs? Coffeeshops, Corporate, and Clubs - A Gig Along Every Step of Your Career
Brian Bergeron (moderator) - Ivy Hill Entertainment
Travis Hayes Busse - Talent Buyer at Neck of The Woods
Matt Roads - Ivy Hill Entertainment
Omar Peña - Event Coordinator and Promoter
KC Turner - Concert Promoter via KC Turner Presents


2:00 PM • Front Cabaret Stage
Artist Management
Josh Windmiller (moderator) - Manager, Producer & Artist
Casey Shafer - CEO Burning House Management
Victor Casillas Valle - Artist Manager Counter Culture Group
Barbara M Wahli - Artist Manager via Barb Rocks
Brendan Dreaper - Band Manager Mixtape Artist Management
Fred Hausman III - CEO Prize Fighter Records

2:00 PM • Small Theater
How to Write Better Songs
Jared Swanson (moderator) - Lead Singer of Abbot Kinney
Steve Phelps - Singer-Songwriter & Music Historian
Philana Goodrich - Music Producer & Songwriter
Mona Khalifa Magno - Lead Singer of Twin Flame Medicine
Roem Baur - Lead Singer

2:00 PM • Big Theater
How to Build a Stronger Brand
Kit Russell (moderator) Creative Consultant & Strategist
Lyle Burns - Creative Consultant & Strategist
Zen Zenith - Musician & Podcaster
Angela Mastrogiacomo - Music Publicist
Annie Bacon - Musician & Blogger

3:00 PM • Front Cabaret Stage
Musician Showmanship/Performance
Kanoa Blodgett (moderator) - Owner of Neck of The Woods
Dylan Charles Germick - Lead Singer of Planet Booty (SF)
Reed Cameron Fox - Lead Singer of DéCollage (Denver)
Lalin St. Juste - Lead Singer of The Seshen (Bay Area)
Sivan Lioncub - Lead Singer of Everyone Is Dirty (Oakland)
Emily Sevin - Photographer

3:00 PM • Small Theater
Music Industry Law
Mark Pearson (moderator) - Entertainment Attorney
Vivek Sridharan - Entertainment Attorney
Jon Duman - Entertainment Attorney
Ben Van Houten - Entertainment Office City Hall

3:00 PM • Big Theater
Sound & Engineering
Seth Lp (moderator) - Sound Engineer
Michael Romanowski - Mastering Engineer Coast Mastering
Michael Starita - Music Engineer & Producer
Jesse Cassar - Audio Engineer & Talent Buyer
Carmen Caruso - Music Producer
Gabriel Sean Armstrong - Sound engineer

4:00 PM • Big Theater