Ivy Hill and Lilan Kane Present...

Namaste and Sing: Yoga for Vocalists (and other musicians!)

Achieving and maintaining success as a musician takes all of your intellect, physical strength, and every ounce of your creativity and emotion. While often rewarding it can also be incredibly stressful, throwing any one of these out of balance. This yoga workshop focuses on postures, breathing exercises and mediation to help bring you back into balance so you can do the work you love. We’ll place a strong emphasis on freeing the breath, which is not only crucial for singers and wind players, but for all areas of good health and mental stability.

Tickets: $15-$25 (sliding scale)

About the Instructor:
Loryn Barbeau is a seasoned holistic vocal and performance coach.  Combining her 25+ years of performance experience, including a Masters of Music in Operatic Performance, with her certifications in Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine, Loryn works with singers and performances of all levels of experience and vocal style. In addition to her private practice, Loryn teaches yoga and self-care at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She is also the lead singer in the acoustic duo, Gutter Swan.