This evening’s event is produced in celebration of Bleeding Audio: The Story of The Matches & The Music Industry, which is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign.

We are celebrating the Kickstarter for Bleeding Audio by hosting a Rock Doc Movie Night, featuring The Decline of Western Civilization: Part 1

Bleeding Audio is a feature length documentary that tells the story of the digital shift of the music industry through an all-access look into The Matches’ rocky history and explosive reunion. 

Music documentaries tell the gritty stories of the real world artists live in. One of the most legendary documentary series that captures this is the Decline of Western Civilization trilogy. Director (and punk as f*ck) Penelope Spheeris takes a verité (fly on the wall) look into these various music worlds. Part I is a look at the early days of the punk scene featuring Alice Bag Band, Black Flag, Catholic Discipline, Circle Jerks, Fear, Germs, and X. Spheeris is not only known for directing these unbelievably raw music documentaries, but is also most known for directing films like…..Wayne’s World.

Chelsea Christer, director of Bleeding Audio, is a huge fan of Spheeris’ Decline series and when putting together the event, immediately chose to screen this film in her honor. We’ll introduce Bleeding Audio, talk a little bit about our Kickstarter, and then screen Decline Pt. 1 for you to enjoy!

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