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Ivy Hill Entertainment and Cage and Aquarium Present

Turning A Musician Into A DJ

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Cage and Aquarium's Tyler Huffman (DJ Bothsides) discusses the history of DJ'ing, why musicians make natural DJs, and training on the technical aspects involved. Ivy Hill Entertainment will offer our perspective on booking Musician/DJs for good private gigs.

Tyler Huffman, aka Bothsides, has been performing on stage as a live musician and DJ for over 20 years. He has been on stages ranging from Carnegie Hall in New York City, clubs in Chicago, and event shopping malls in San Francisco. He founded Cage and Aquarium Productions in 2007 to provide real DJ services for a private event industry (mainly weddings) that otherwise had very stale and unskilled options for clients. Tyler is a true vinyl enthusiast and performs all-wax sets all over the country.

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