Ivy Hill Entertainment’s (IHE) mission is to create paths for musicians to develop their craft and earn a living through the support of their community.

We do this primarily by developing systems of patronage through private and public event performances. Additionally, we aim to be a force in the community by creating spaces for collaboration and participation and providing practical mentorship and resources for artists.

We are based in Oakland, CA.


We envision a world where happy, healthy, financially and creatively-fulfilled artists evolve their craft with the participation and support of their community


We believe in a holistic approach to artist development. Artists often need to balance multiple projects, income streams, and practical, as well as creative considerations. We believe that each should be seen as an equally valued part of a whole and that harmony for the whole artist can be established through the following values:

We create spaces for connection and participation.

We believe that sharing resources yields exponential benefits for all.

We establish channels where the gift of art can be shared with the community.

We also work to establish channels for the community to appropriately support the noble vocation of artist, as well as original, creative works.

Our artists are teachers, as well as students, and we believe that mentorship builds stronger connections and community.