ihe @ nvff 2016 - mission statement

Ivy Hill Entertainment is honored to be given another opportunity to provide music for this year's Napa Valley Film Festival. In a year's time, our organization has grown considerably, both in volume of events, and the reach of our artistic community. We have begun dovetailing this growth towards our organizational mission of being able to provide economic stability for artists, not only at weddings, corporate, and private events, but by creating spaces to perform their original works and be valued as professional artists.

The musical program that we've put together is a reflection of that mission.

Throughout the festival, you will see close to 40 musicians collaborating in various configurations, in starkly different musical situations. We've got your award show band, festival gala band, and four daily wine pavilions happening for four days. Advocating for a mini music festival within a film festival forces us to think creatively on how to make it worthwhile for the artists. Our arrangements with artists to join our festival team is usually some combination of meager financial compensation, festival attendance, and content creation, which allows us to work closely with production partners on professional and creative collaborations.

Turned Productions (Video) | Clara Rice (Photo) | A Sound Objective (Audio/Visual)

We hope in addition to seeing many fine films that you are able to also find your new favorite band.

Ivy Hill Entertainment