The Napa Valley Film Festival (NVFF) is a young at only 5 years running, but has been gaining traction every year. Ben Mahoney, NVFF's Director of Operations, experienced increasing difficulty in finding reliable performers in booking entertainment for the 20 performances needed throughout the festival. When the decision came to finding an entertainment solution, Napa Valley Film Festival chose Ivy Hill Entertainment.












Entertainment Solution

A Growing Festival With Growing Entertainment Needs

NVFF has been growing larger each year, and it’s entertainment needs have been growing alongside the festival. Producing over 20 musical performances alongside regular festival events was proving to be difficult considering how much the festival grows each year. For NVFF dealing with individual bands has had it’s difficulties: bands often have many points of contact, can be slow to respond, and vary in practice of professionalism. Dealing with individual groups made negotiating payment terms, getting bands to do site visits, and generally producing the events more difficult. NVFF is also unique in that their entertainment options must also be approved by companies that sponsor the many social events.

Although these issues seem small, they become a serious headache considering NVFF produces over 20 musical performances as a part of each year's 5-day festival.

Managing and booking bands for NVFF is like booking a music festival within a film festival.
— Ben Mahoney, NVFF Director of Operations

The Solution

Once Ben reached out, IHE’s booking team began to run Ben through his options. IHE presented Ben entertainment options in a way that made it easy for Ben to present options to his sponsors. IHE’s booking team was able to sort out NVFF’s entertainment needs and booked all 20 performances in a matter of days. Here are some of the benefits Ben Mahoney expressed in working with Ivy Hill Entertainment.

  • Proposed artists and performance locations managed collaboratively via Google Docs

  • One point of contact for all 20 performances

  • Payment for multiple performances through one easy online payment

  • Multiple site visits conducted in one day

The Results

NVFF 2015 was a smashing success! NVFF, it’s sponsors, and IHE worked hard to create fun and engaging social events that were fun and well attended. By providing an entertainment solution, IHE allowed Ben Mahoney and his team more time and effort towards the other aspects of the festival. Our musicians and performances exceeded the expectations of both NVFF and it’s guests. 

IHE totally exceeded my expectations! Bringing them in on NVFF allowed me to focus on the many other aspects of running the festival.
— Ben Mahoney, NVFF Director of Operations

Want to see for yourself?

Check out our NVFF highlight reel! You can see Ivy Hill Entertainment's bands in action with a few words from their founders.

Do YOU need an entertainment solution?

We're here to help! Get in contact with an IHE representative to learn about a solution for your entertainment needs.

Matt Roads, Founder