Finally, you've made it to dinner so hopefully you get a chance to relax, and eat some food, for goodness sake. Our job now is to make sure that the ambiance is set for eating and mingling, and to make sure that your wedding program runs in accordance with the schedule. This delicate dance is orchestrated with you wedding planner and/or caterer, and includes serving as Master of Ceremonies (MC) for toasts and any special dances, as well as introducing ourselves to your toasters and telling them where to stand (to get that perfect photograph). We'll make sure we have a wireless microphone handy and we're happy to make any other announcements or honor any cultural traditions.



Complete Packages - Your band leader normally serves as MC for the evening, announcing toasts, coordinating with your event planner or caterer, and ensuring that things run on time. Depending on your reception band package, you may have live music during this portion of the program,