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Weddings - Build A Band

Weddings - Build A Band

Build a Band of any size or style you can dream up. Our community of professional artists are at your service.



Your musician As DJ

DJ Marshall playing music at an event

Ivy Hill Entertainment realizes that our artists' backgrounds as seasoned musicians makes them particularly capable of being skilled DJs due to their familiarity with song selection, dynamic flow, and other considerations that go into any musical program.

Interested artists are trained to use DJ turntables and software, an instrument like any other, and once they gain the technical experience, we make them available as a Musician/DJ.

Celebrating your life event with the same artist makes sense from a practical standpoint (having to work with one less vendor) and a wonderful sense of intimacy between artist and party is created.

Ceremony + Cocktail Hour

Live Music or DJ


Choose from our recommended ceremony musicians to find the soloist or group that best fits your aesthetic.

We know our folks so we're happy to make recommendations if you tell us what you're looking for.

Dinner + Dance Reception


JON DJ.jpeg

Later on, that same artist becomes your DJ/MC, taking their particular knowledge of music and artistry towards creating your musical program.


Available Musician/DJs




Our trained DJs are professional musicians, instrumentalists, and producers who bring a wide breadth of musical expertise to your event.

Ceremony | Cocktail Hour Musicians

Ceremony | Cocktail Hour Musicians

Our ceremony and cocktail hour musicians range across all styles and genres. Choose from a solo classical guitarist, piano and violin duo, bluegrass trio, string quartet, or from many other popular configurations.