Ivy Hill Entertainment Presents

The Improv Challenge

Are you a quick thinker? A hidden lyrical mastermind? A freestyle fanatic? 

Join us for The Improv Challenge!

A night of musical improv that could end in you winning the highly coveted ____


7pm- Doors
8pm- The Improv Challenge Begins



Ivy Hill Entertainment HQ
1415 Martin Luther King Jr. Way; Berkeley, CA

The rules are simple: 

Draw a few themes ("climbing a mountain", "kittens" and "tomato soup" for example) from a hat.

Our house band will give you some intro time to gather your brilliance and then...

The rest is up to you and your ability to capture the theme

In case you're still a tad mystified about the whole idea, here's a fun link to an example.

Free -With RSVP

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