What makes ivy hill different from other wedding music agencies?

At Ivy Hill Entertainment, we work with original, creative musicians who are pursuing their original craft at a high level. We help them interface with the private events world, handling the majority of the details so they can focus on developing their craft and making your event pop. 

We are building towards our mission of creating paths for musicians to develop their craft and earn a living through the support of their community by advocating for fair pay, reasonable work expectations, and matching our artists up with patrons who are appreciative of their craft.

We know that we charge a premium for our services but your support directly helps these artists support their professional livelihood in a time when art and music is more important than ever.

What instruments are in my band?

The most commonly sized reception dance band that we offer is a 5-piece, which includes:

  • Male Vocalist or Female vocalist

  • Lead Guitar

  • Drums

  • Keyboards

  • Bass

    • Occasionally, the male vocalist is also a guitarist. If that is the case, we will let you know and have a male AND a female vocalist.

If you have larger than a 5-piece band, the instruments that we recommend adding are:

  • 2nd Vocalist (if you don’t have one already)

  • Trumpet

  • Saxophone

  • Violin

  • 3rd Vocalist

How long does my band play for?

A Build A Band package may include:

  • Reception Band - 3 50-minute music sets over the course of 5 hours with recorded music during the breaks. This length of time normally encompasses the entire dinner and dance reception. During dinner time, your bandleader can serve as MC and complimentary DJ service during dinner is included.

  • Ceremony - 15-30 minutes before the ceremony, depending on guest arrival time and around 30 minutes for the ceremony.

  • Cocktail Hour - 60 minutes

An additional fee may apply for wedding programs lasting longer than 7 hours.

How do I choose the music the band plays?

Each reception band knows a curated list of classic and contemporary hits, which is listed on each band's their profile. Every reception package also gets two non song list requests and every ceremony package gets one additional request.

From the list, we ask you to choose a handful of songs that you love, a few songs you’d rather not hear, and a description of the type of atmosphere you’re looking to create. Then, our professionals can fill in the rest to create your desired ambiance.

For ceremony + cocktail hour, you can choose music off of the band leader's song list.

We make it all easy with a step-by-step song selection form for each part of your wedding.

How do I book a ceremony and cocktail hour performer?

If you're already booking a band, then the easiest way to include ceremony and cocktail hour music is by choosing from your bandleader and band members, who are already performing at your event. We also have a few ceremony/cocktail hour groups that work great as add-ons or packages in and of themselves: The New Classics, Synchronicity Strings, The Delectables and Harvest Acoustic.

View all of our ceremony musicians.

How much sound equipment do I need?

Your reception band will bring and run their own professional sound system. You may need a sound system for other parts of the event, which may include the ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. Most weddings use 2-4 sound systems. We can estimate how many sound set-ups you need first during our inquiry process, and then confirm afterwards with a site visit.

Do I need wireless microphones for my ceremony?

Our ceremony wireless microphone package includes:

  • Two lapel mics

    • 1 clip-on for one person in the couple (typically the groom, if there is one)

    • 1 clip-on for officiant

  • 1 handheld mic for readings.

We also a separate high-quality sound system for ceremony so your most important moments are heard. We recommend ceremony wireless mics for groups larger than 75 people.

If you book ceremony audio, you also get a dedicated day-of audio technician to run the sound equipment.

What else do i need to know about my band?

  • All band members and audio technicians require a hot meal.

  • Reception Bands normally arrive 2 hours before guest arrival for set-up and need access to the performance area. In the event that they have to arrive earlier, a holding fee may occur.

  • Ceremony + Cocktail Hour performers normally arrive 90 minutes before guest arrival for set-up and need access to the performance area. In the event that they have to arrive earlier, a holding fee may occur.

  • The band requires a shady spot to perform in or umbrellas to keep them out of the sun. Many have very expensive and old equipments, which don’t do well in the heat!

We also make sure to communicate our band’s needs to your event planner and venue!