What is Ivy Hill Entertainment?

Ivy Hill Entertainment is an artist run music organization whose mission is to create paths for artists to develop their craft and earn a living through the support of their community. We do this primarily by developing systems of patronage through private and public event performances. We are based in Oakland, CA.

What styles of music do you work with?

We work with performers that specialize in virtually every genre. Our artists perform rock, pop, folk, bluegrass, classical, jazz, and we have access to an even wider artist pool through our extended artist network. There is seldom an inquiry that we can’t fill and our artists have much experience collaborating with one another.

What should I expect to pay?

Our vision as an organization is to create a middle class musical economy within our local community. Our rates reflect what we believe is fair to support the day to day living of our artists, as well as provide professional services and workshops to our community, while keeping our artist run organization afloat.

A Solo Musician or DJs currently ranges from $250 - $600 an hour and we have offer many packages specific to weddings and private events.

How do I choose an artist for my event?

Each artist has an artist profile where you can hear and see them play, as well as view their song list. Our representatives will work with you to recommend appropriate artists based on your preferences. Also, you peruse our ceremony, reception, and private event recommendations, as well as view our Ivy Hill Entertainment Musician Collectives.

What is an Ivy Hill Entertainment Musician Collectives?

Ivy Hill Entertainment Musician Collectives are bands who represent entire communities of local musicians that have a common vibe, play from the same song list, perform with similar instrument configurations, and are led by pillars of the local music community.

What is Ivy Hill Entertainment Build-A-Band?

Ivy Hill Entertainment's Build A Band connects you to a group of hard-working local musicians who bring their talents to make your event pop for folks of every age. You build your group around your preferred bandleader, their song list, and a diverse list of popular music all of our artists are expected to know.

Do you provide uplighting?

At this point, we do not supply uplighting.

Do you provide dance floor lighting?

Dance floor lighting is available to accentuate your live band or DJ performance. We use top of the line LED lights that are highly customizable to match the theme of your event.

How many people perform in a dance band?

For the best dance band experience, we consider 6 people an ideal size. If you’re looking to keep the dance floor packed the entire night and want to have a larger song pool to pull from, this size band allows for both male and female vocalists and a full band to support them. We occasionally organize smaller bands for dance reception but can only do so for singers that can also play an instrument. From there, you can add a horn section or other instrumentalists to solidify the musical experience your guests won’t forget.

Why do you charge for audio services?

We provide a custom entertainment experience where we expect our artists to perform above and beyond your expectations. For that reason, most of our packages also include a dedicated audio engineer, an additional set of hands to run sound equipment to allow your artist to focus on their craft and your guests.


We have a special song we’d love to have. Can my artist learn it?

For each ceremony and cocktail hour package, you get one non song list request. For each reception band package, you get two non song list request. Additional requests require an additional fee based on the size of the group and difficulty of the song.

Your artists perform a wide variety of songs. How can I make sure the songs I want to hear get played?

You choose your favorite band or artist based on their song list or style. When your event is confirmed, your Ivy Hill Entertainment representative will send you a song request form where you can fill out preferences for different parts of the event, as well as identify any special songs, first dances, etc. We take your input and blend it with our artists’ expertise to create an impactful musical program that accomplishes your desired ambiance.

How much time is included in your wedding packages?

We base our prices and packages based on the average duration of each part of the celebration, times listed below.

Pre-Ceremony (10-30 minutes)

Ceremony (15-30 minutes)

Cocktail Hour (60-90 minutes)

Dinner (60-90 minutes)

Reception (2-3 hours)

Although our pricing is based on these durations, we'll work hand in hand with your coordinator and event team to insure our performances match your timeline.

What is your ceremony audio service?

Our ceremony audio service includes speakers, a dedicated audio tech, two wireless lapel mics for the officiant and one member of the couple, and a wireless handheld mic for readings. This service is recommended for weddings of more than 50 people and ensures that the guests who traveled far and wide to see you can hear your life’s moments.

Why do you charge for additional audio locations?

Professional audio equipment is heavy and requires time and expertise to set-up. In order to provide a more professional service, we bring separate audio systems for each event space within your venue to ensure we are not moving equipment during the event and to ensure smooth transitions between different portions of the event. Many of our wedding packages include two audio locations at no additional charge.

How long will my reception band perform for?

Our bands normally perform for 3 50-minute sets with two 10-minute breaks over a five hour period. During breaks, the band’s MC will put on a DJ’d playlist to keep your guests entertained.

Can I add another musician to my band?

Many of our musicians perform with each other for a wide variety of private events in a number of different contexts and scenarios. If you have a particular need, it’s likely that we can accommodate that within our network.

Do you offer MC services?

Your bandleader also serves as MC. This means that he/she is there to introduce your wedding party, to announce toast, and to interface with the event planner to make sure things run on schedule.


What kind of power do you require?

We require two (2) separate 15 amp circuits for reception bands or a one 15 amp circuit that is not shared with any refrigeration/ cooking systems or any lights for DJ or a soloist.

What kind of staging do you require?

Staging Requirements: The staging area for our reception band, DJ, or solo musician must be a solid & flat surface, free of dirt, gravel, or grass and of a size commensurate with the size of the band.

Required Stage Size

  • DJ or solo musician - 10'x6'

  • 3-5 piece: 10' x 16'

  • 6-8 piece: 12' x 18'

  • 9 - 12 piece: 12' x 24'

When will your artists be set-up?

We require our artists to be set-up 45 minutes to one hour before the start of their performance and in proper attire 30 minutes before guest arrival. In the event that they have to be set-up longer than an hour before their performance time, an additional hold fee may be charged.

How far will your artists travel?

We charge $.55/mile for more than 50 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge for each artist.

Do I have to pay for a hotel room for my artist(s)?

We charge $150/artist for accommodations for events that are more than 3 hours from San Francisco.

When do I pay overtime to my artists?

Your overtime rate is calculated at the time of sending your contract, when the hours of performance are defined, and is individual to your event and packages. This rate will be honored during the date(s) of your event.

What do your artists require on the day of the event?

Our musicians are true professionals and provide top quality services. In order for us to bring the best to your event, we advocate for the following accommodations for our professionals.

Parking - All parking costs are paid by the patron.

Meals - Hot meals are required for artists and support staff working for a period of 3 hours or more.

Breaks - Performing live music for private events requires skill and endurance. Our artists take a 10 minute break for every 50 minutes of performance time. We’ll work with your event planning team to ensure breaks are scheduled according to the event timeline with minimal impact to the ambiance.

Green Room/Storage - Our artists are normally on site for hours before and between performing. All packages require a green room where an artist can store cases, take meals, and change into performance attire.

Shade - If the artist will be performing in direct sunlight for more than a half hour, we require an umbrella, awning, or to be staged in a shaded area. For all string instruments in direct sunlight (guitar, violin, viola, cello, contrabass), we do require shade from an umbrella, awning, tent, etc. and armless chairs for each artist.

Do you collect a deposit?

In addition to a signed contract, we require a 50% deposit or $2000, whichever is less to reserve our artists for the date.. A second deposit of 50% of the remaining balance is due for deposits of $2000 three months from the event date. The balance of the payment is required by the day of the event.

What is your cancellation policy?

We collect deposits so our artists can plan their income and also to lock in their availability for your event. When you need to cancel your event, we work to get as much refunded to you as we can. All paid deposits, up to 50% of the contract are non-refundable so we can pay our musicians and staff for holding date against other opportunities. If the event is cancelled within 7 days of the event, the full fee is owed.

My event requires event liability insurance. Do you have it?

Yes, we do and we’ll work with your venue to include them as an additional insured on our policy.