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The Family Funktion is a Musician's Collective. Our collectives represent entire communities of local musicians that have a common vibe, play from the same song list, perform with similar instrument configurations, led by pillars in the local music community.

Ivy Hill's premier dance band, The Family Funktion is made up of experienced artists who have been playing with one another for the better part of a decade. The vocalists straddle the line between old and new and are able to scale their performance to the energy level of the room. Playing hits from Marvin Gaye to Bruno Mars, The Family Funktion keeps even the most diverse crowd entertained.




Band Leaders

The Family Funktion pulls it's band members from the best of the SF Bay Area's funk and groove scene, including the following Ivy Hill Entertainment artists. 

Collective Members

Choose a bandleader and we'll build out your band from other collective members.