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The New Classics combines piano, violinguitar, and cello to create a classical twist to contemporary songs as well as standard classical repertoire. The group is normally a two-piece but since many of the members are also accomplished vocalists, the group can expand its range through cocktail hour and beyond.

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The New Classics are a Musician's Collective. Our collectives represent entire communities of local musicians that have a common vibe, play from the same song list, perform with similar instrument configurations and are led by pillars in the local music community.




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I wish I could go through each of the musicians (including Debbie Ilana and The New Classics) because they brought so much flavor & style. It was like a mini-musical festival. The best part is that whatever you decide to book - whether it be an intimate musical vibe, dope DJ, or full-blown band - they deliver a memorable performance and professional experience.
— Lori B., Yelp
Ivy Hill Entertainment recommended Matt Roads as our DJ and Erma Kyriakos as our ceremony violinist. Both Matt and Erma were exceptional from our very first interaction all the way to their performance at our wedding. Erma is a superb violinist who even learned a few modern songs that we really wanted played that weren’t in her repertoire at the time. I will always remember the beautiful sound of her strings. 
— Ivana B., Yelp